Exclusive Interview: Ghetto Reese talks PHHA, K.Walker, And 3l3vator Musiq 2 and more!

Ghetto Reese 3l3vator musiq 2 album interview

Ghetto Reese is back with more music! Its been over 5 years since the first 3l3vator music album and he is back with a whole new tape with a bunch of nice features! In this interview Ghetto Reese talks about PHHA and the truth behind it and what he was going through while he was winning his award. He also touches on K.Walker and working with him and what he helped him with while working with him. He also has a billboard in Decatur Georgia and he explains the inspiration behind getting it out in Georgia. His latest video Right Now is out now at 15K and he talks about what that means to him and what he wants it to do by the end of 2020. If you haven't heard his album then this interview will give you a good insight as he explains the features on the tape and the advantages everyone brought in their own way. He also touches on being on Worldwide Tunes and it hitting 2M impressions. If you dont know Ghetto Reese here is a good opportunity to learn about him! 

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Ghetto Reese Exclusive Interview 


3l3vator Musiq 2 Album 

Right Now Video 


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