Is Jimmy Dinero 2-1? This video is the answer


  Is Jimmy Dinero Undefeated still? 

It was the match we have all been waiting for! The two best in the county going head to head 10 songs each to see who would win. Would Jimmy Dinero continue his hot streak or would Finesse be able to stop him in his tracks? It was a long live battle as hits from both ends were coming out. At a point the audience said "Jimmy smoking you finesse and he only singing to you". You can say that sparked a match under Finesse as his next two songs he was going for the kill and for the last song he pulled out well you can watch the video above and see the reactions it received. Overall the people enjoyed the show and it was everything everyone was expecting! A classic battle you had to see between two great musicians! If you watched the battle from start to finish who do you say took it home? let us know! 

See Jimmy in action again!


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