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If you dont know Pluggy Simmons its time to find out! Hardtimes Album Review 

Whether you know him by Pluggy or Pluggy Simmons if you dont know who Pluggy is let us be the first to introduce you! A Philadelphia artist who moved to Atlanta GA is here with his highly anticipated body of work "Hard Times". The album is a reflection of what Pluggy Simmons has been through as he lets you in on a couple of stories from his past and gives you some detailed information on how he started from nothing and made it into something. The album itself has 18 songs on there we can say its at least one song on there for everyone. Some notable features are Jay Griffy, Tara Love, Redface, and more all of the features on the album that we heard compliment Pluggy on the album. You will definitely not be disappointed if you love real good music then you will love this album! It has pain, love, celebration, and more! Any mood your in you will relate! Overall we give this album a 10/10 what do you think? drop comments below and let us know! 

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Hardtimes by Pluggy Simmons 

Hard Times Official Music Video ft. Jay Griffy 


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