In Case You Missed It - Kev Rodgers - A Rare $outh$ide Story

Kev Rodgers - A Rare $outh$ide Story 

Kev Rodgers released a new short film called "A Rare $outh$ide Story" and its a good one to see if your a Kev Rodgers fan! He has guest appearances by his mother, Ish Williams, Kenif Muse, and more! He talks deeply about how he got into music and goes back to his old high school to give you a rundown on the inspiration it brought to his career. His mother speaks on topics that changed his career and is a big part of his story! So dont waste anymore time watch this short film by Kev Rodgers and Southside below! Long Live Jose 

Kev Rodgers "A Rare $outh$ide Story" 

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