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 Written by Cutty 

To all of our loyal readers, we would first like to thank all of you for being a part of us during this process! We miss you guys so much to start with. We have been working on a major update for the website and have big things planned for you all who have been here since day 1. Our goal is to bring the best content we can to the blog and for you guys to meet some amazing new people. Right now, we are currently looking to upgrade the website and working closely with professionals to help us bring the dream we have to you guys. Everything you see on the website right now is in construction mode, so if your post is not here, best believe it will return after the construction is over. So just know that it's been a minute since you heard from us, but definitely know that every day we are thinking of you guys! So make sure to check out our YouTube channel and catch up on the interviews you may have missed. 

We have so many things coming for you guys so soon. It's been three years since we officially launched, and in that time, you guys have brought us so much support, with 100K views on YouTube and 100K visitors in our first three-year run. We want to continue to show you our gratitude by giving you guys a whole new look! You have motivated us to create one of the best platforms representing New Jersey and servicing the world. We are proud to show you guys some of our best work. We have come across some really interesting people, and their stories have warmed your hearts in every article up there. It's only right that we bring that back to you and create something worth being proud of. So please spend this time just being patient, and we will have a big surprise for you guys. We know how much the blog means to you guys, and it means a lot to us that you love our brand. 

We want to give a couple of shoutouts to some people who have been on our blog, like Eness, a battle rap legend from Philadelphia who comes onto the blog to give independent artists advice on how to make it in the music industry. We were also able to talk to Sheron Barber, a Camden legend, who came down to Camden and spoke to the youth. It was an amazing day to be able to see the community all together with someone that they grew up with now doing big things, bringing alongside him Dame Dash to Camden. 

While you are waiting, we would like to tell you guys to catch up on our YouTube channel. If you haven't, we have over 200+ videos on YouTube just for you guys. You can watch some of our best people right on our YouTube channel, including the people above. So make sure you check it out and let us know which one is your favorite. We have interviews with people from the Tristate to the West Coast. So you will have your hands full picking someone to watch; prepare to bring the popcorn. We have spoken with some of the best in the independent world just to give you guys motivation that it is possible. So we invite you to check out all of the dope people on there. If you're a fan, then make sure to share this post with a friend and let them know what's to come with the blog that you love. Thank you all again. - Jersey Watch Blog 


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