Whats Up With Cutty? Episode 8 of 82 Secs W/ Cutty

Episode 8 of 82 Secs W/ Cutty 
"Whats Up With Cutty?"

We have all been wondering "Whats Up with Cutty?" well he lets you know on Episode 8 of 82 Secs W/ Cutty. Its been a lot of changes since Worldwide Tunes has dropped, Cutty has been featured on Yahoo, Genius, Fox 34, ABC, and more! He gets on this episode and breaks down how all of this happened. He gives advice to artist and small business owners the importance of what he did and how it can benefit them if they follow the same strategy. He also touches up on the NBA Restart and which games he has been paying attention too. Find out whats up with Cutty on this episode below 

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Episode 8 of 82 Secs W/ Cutty


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