New Video Alert: Ovid The Poet with a message with his music video "Legalize Me"

New Video Alert - Ovid The Poet "Legalize Me"

Its been a wild past couple of weeks, and everyone has been tapping in on the situation differently. Ovid the poet made this song years ago and now fits perfectly with what's going on currently! We give you the official video shot by Chion Press almost years later this song seems to fit perfect for any playlist right now! Ovid bring a different flow on this one and lets you on what he thinks needs to be done! We all have been impacted its about the message we want to be heard that can make the different! Make sure to share with a friend if you enjoyed! We also had a chance to sit down with Ovid for alittle and get his opinion on a couple of things so you can get to know him some more!

Q: You have been going by Duke of Burlington for quite some time, how did it come up?
A: I started jacking duke of Burlington but Im not really that because im from New York but being from New York I witnessed a lot of trends so I understand why they work, this being a suburban area like Burlington is, how I move It was like applying moves from the future. But it was really regular ny nigga shit

Q: What did you want them to get from it?
A: Basically I wanted you to know I was nice, and I make good music, even if it came at the cost of your attitude, cuz I  got you I told you I was as nice as hove and u aint rebuke it you said whats your point?

Q: How did the song Legalize Me come up?
A: Right now im dropping singles I know for a fact people would like. However im feeling that day what Evers on my mind thats what im saying. I try to sneak in a deep secret confession for shock value here and there. I dont get my music off youtube tho, its a lot of good stuff out there, but  All the music by “ovid the poet” you ever heard was a one of one… I didn’t get a batch of beats and sit on them and vibes and came back, ducking subpoenas, was one time I was in the lab with rell Gambino in Trenton, one, gold for sale I was with white boy in Easton, legalize me I was with kid core in the bronx, God bless his soul. Legalize me ended up being my lead single it was even my favorite track, I did another track that nigh that I couldn’t release because I didnt have the rights to the beat so me and the Gs said fuck it lets use legalize me

Q: What was the biggest thing that made this song go?
A: Biggest thing for me is the relationship with my engineer. I know white boy for ten years plus. And he a wizard with this shit. So for us it isn’t about finding a sound, we already have sounds we are actively crafting.

Q: As we leave out, one last question who do you make your music for? If you had to explain to someone who never heard your music before and this song was their first song they heard. 
A: I make music for people who work and pay bills. As literal or figurative as you want to take it, when I write and record my music I connecting with people who work and pay bills, music is super motivation when your driving to and from work, or even on the job im hear to make something to get you through the day, with out confusing you. You know? Its simple, and it feels good, and most important im not lying to you. Who I am , who I think I am, and who I say I am are all the same person…and thats the vibration you tuned into

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